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We are a diverse group of volunteers in Beirut, Paris & London. Among us are engineers, project managers, researchers, designers, architects and logistics experts. ​

Many of us work in the construction industry and are using our knowledge, experience and networks to ensure the glass is sourced at the right price and delivered to Beirut as quickly as possible.


Please contact us if you're able to offer your skills, expertise, or time to help us fundraise.

Indi Phillips

Operations - Beirut

Day job: Risk Analyst/Researcher

Sophia Jouahri

Content & Data

Day job: Social Researcher

Marie-Xavière Saffre

Graphics & Content

Day job: Graphic Designer

James Bonham

Procurement - London

Day job: Construction Firm Director

Abigail Storey 


Day job: Political Research

Emmanuelle Bonham

Fundraising - Dubai

Day job: Founder ElleActiv

Daniello Jabbour

Fundraising - Paris

Day job: Communications Consultant

Joyce Ibrahim


Day job: Certified Translator

Sarah Sheehan

Creative & Fundraising

Day job: Senior Creative