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One simple mission:

Gather funds,

procure and import quality glass,

reglaze Beirut.

How we are working.

We work in three teams, making key decisions together and communicating throughout the day. We operate in line with agreed strategic objectives, each team member using their personal network, the value of their experience and skills, to achieve our one simple aim. 


The fundraising team is the foundation of our project. Without creating the awareness of this catastrophe and mobilising generous financial support we wouldn't be able to achieve our mission.

We are raising funds across digital platforms and from private donors. 


We are working with a number of supplier to procure glass directly from manufacturers in Turkey, India and China. Using our industry knowledge and network to identify trusted suppliers and working with survey teams in Beirut means we are able to specify teh right material at the right cost .


Import - we have partnered with a local import company to land our materials in the northern port of Tripoli, and ensure they are transported safely and secured when in Beirut.


Our Beirut operations team is working closely with our partners and volunteers, including  builders, architects, project managers and fabricators to survey exact requirements. These teams are working on sites across Beirut and prioritising those who need it most, such as elderly and vulnerable persons. 

We're moving fast and working with multiple partners to provide the materials they need quickly.

Three guiding principles:


In the aftermath of the Beirut blast, the Lebanese government has left all cleanup and reconstruction to the people, many of whom are injured and all of whom are suffering shock. 

We are putting our collective shoulder to the task, importing as much glass as possible, to return those hundreds of thousands who have been displaced and live for now on the streets, to shelter. We believe in community and are working to rebuild our homes.


In addition to rendering thousands of homes uninhabitable, the destruction means many people are left with no choice but to stand guard outside their homes, stores and businesses, day and night to protect them from looters.


People's homes have been destroyed and with them their feelings of personal security, safety and wellbeing. With the searing heat and humidity of Beirut's summer upon us, and the harsh winter fast approaching, replacing windows is a primary concern for hundreds of thousands.


Your support will help get the necessary materials to where they are needed and help restore people's security and dignity.





Many of our team have previously or continue to work and live in Lebanon and are acutely aware of the depth of micro and institutional corruption. The Lebanese people are left in no doubt that rampant and unrelenting corruption is a primary cause of this major catastrophe.


Our project aims to serve as an example of transparency, in a system mired by corruption and nepotism. All our fundraising records, purchase invoices expenses and accounts will be published on our website. For immediate clarification of any question relating to our financial operations don't hesitate to contact us directly by email.