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How you can help.

We are working closely with friends and partners on the ground to survey and project plan the repair of as many windows in Beirut as possible. We have teamed up with a number of local grassroots organisations whose members are volunteer carpenters, technicians and builders.

None of this can be done without raising funds to procure and transport the glass from our suppliers to Beirut. We need all the help we can get, if you can help to raise funds and awareness, please get in touch!!


We can only achieve our mission with your financial support!


Every penny, donated is used to procure the much-needed glass and get it to Beirut.  

Costs related to fundraising, publicity and our media platforms are all personally financed by our team members.

Spread the word

Share our project with your friends and family. Help us get our message out so we can raise as much money as possible, reaching as many people affected as we can.


Please share our posts and the links to donate through PayPal, directly to our bank or on our Crowdfunded!

Organise & create

We need your help to raise awareness of our project and our fundraising drive! 


If you would like to help us by working with our team to source or create content, promote our fundraising or even hold your own event get in touch now using the form or email us at action@thepeoplewillhavewindows! 

help us ensure


If you can help us in our mission please get in touch! No matter your skills or experience, we need all hands on deck.

How can you help?

Thanks for your message!