THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE WINDOWS! was established with the key objective of procuring and shipping sheets of annealed float glass float glass to repair the windows destroyed in the 4th August 2020 Beirut explosion.



Windows and doors create the boundaries between the outside and inside, the public and private, what is secure and what is open to the elements.

Following the explosion, the price of glass has rocketed due to the intense demand and scarcity. There have also been reports of price gouging as people seek to extort profit from this catastrophe. 

Millions in Lebanon are already facing severe hardship; a protracted financial crisis that has devalued the currency up to 85%, creating monthly inflation of 54%, regular electricity blackouts, and now an explosion that has decimated the capital.

The blast has shattered windows within and beyond a 10km radius and, with winter just around the corner there is an urgent need to provide weatherproof shelter to as many families as possible.


With your support, we can make a real difference to the people who really need your help.


See the challenge facing Beirut.


We're working with partners and friends on the ground to ensure we get the right material to the right places as soon as possible.


To do this we have partnered with a number of volunteer organisations and private individuals with shared values and objectives.


We do not work with the Lebanese Government, the Lebanese Armed Forces, the security forces of the Lebanese Republic or any political group.